Hatteland Display Questions

For your convenience, our most common Hatteland Display questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page and pose your Hatteland Display questions directly to our team.

Q: For which industries can the Hatteland Display equipment be used?

A: Hatteland Display offers best-in-class equipment for the commercial, naval, defense, yachting and other markets.

Hatteland Display Questions***

Q: What Hatteland Display equipment do you have available?

A: Current stock of Hatteland Display equipment may vary, depending on demand. However, our most popular Hatteland products are touch screen displays such as the Series X and small panel computers for marine automation.


Q: Why would I want to purchase Hatteland Display versus an alternative?

A: 3A DISTRIBUTION proudly stands behind Hatteland Display products as they tend towards the high quality spectrum of available competing produces. 3A DISTRIBUTION assures you that you will be satisfied with the display products we offer.


Hatteland Display Questions

Q: Do you provide support service for this equipment?

A: All products have a warranty that is available through the manufacturer. 3A DISTRIBUTION does not directly facilitate services or repairs of equipment. 3A DISTRIBUTION is committed to the quality of its products and as a general rule, we do not offer products that have substantial inoperability defects or imperfections.


Q: Do you provide wholesale rates? I am looking to buy a large quantity and wondering if volume discounts are available?

A: Please email us your requirements and we will provide you with a pricing quote.


Q: What’s the most recent model that Hatteland Display has released and what is the range of sizes available?

A: We are very fond of the Series X which features a touch screen and is available in 8″-26″ sizes. The Series X line was recently released and we are proud to offer this caliber of product to our customers.